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The Klinker.VIP company is pleased to offer elite facing materials from Germany, Belgium and Poland. Our range: Clinker tiles for facades and interior decoration like bricks, clinker bricks, clinker paving stones Feldhaus Klinker, Roben, ABC Klinker, Stroeher, King Klinker Clinker tiles for floors, terraces and streets Stroeher, ABC Klinker Hand-molded facing bricks Terca, Vandersanden Paving brick ABC Klinker, Roben, Feldhaus Klinker Dry mixes Quick-Mix, Perel, USSA Always in stock in Moscow more than 500 items Discounts for partners up to 20% Visit of a specialist with samples, prompt consultation Three showrooms in Moscow Delivery throughout the Moscow Region and to the regions

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 03.07.2017
Update date: 03.07.2017 [ID: 1344]

Industry: Construction
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Moscow, Kronstadsky Boulevard, 9, building 4

+7 (495) 177-51-75, (977) 651-12-37