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The enterprise IP Sheverev A. S. is engaged in the extraction, processing and sale of natural sandstone. We work without intermediaries. We guarantee reliable supplies, quality stone processing, and very reasonable prices. Natural stone is mined in quarries in the Rostov region. Due to many years of working with stone, only professionals work in our quarries, so we can confidently guarantee the quality of the work performed. You can buy natural plaster stone, boulder, processed stone (tumbled stone, sawn stone, chipped stone, rubble stone, sawn + tumbled stone - tiles, burnt stone).

Founded: 2013
Registration date: 30.08.2016
Update date: 30.08.2016 [ID: 1217]

Concrete, brick, industrial mineral, etc.

Price list not posted.
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344069, Rostov-on-Don, Taganrogskaya st. 144A, office 14

+7 (960) 459-65-39

29th international building and interiors trade show