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Cable Routes LLC is a modern production complex equipped with equipment from leading manufacturers (laser cutting complex, jig punch press, CNC press brake, jig manipulator for sealing, welding stations, automatic powder coating line). Cable Trassy LLC produces and offers for supply the following electrical installation products: - prefabricated metal cases for electrical panels (ShSR, KShchO-70, KVRU, KShR, etc.); - welded metal cases for electrical panels (ShchMP, KShchE, KShU, ShchU, ShchRn, ShchURn, etc.); - metal cable trays (perforated and blind trays, straight and angular, ladder-type trays, etc.); - block cable boxes (KKB); - products for installation of cable-supporting structures (cable racks and shelves, brackets, hangers, consoles, connectors, etc.); - products for installation of electrical equipment (channels, perforated strips, C-shaped and z-shaped profiles, perforated corners, brackets, etc.).

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 30.03.2014
Update date: 29.09.2016 [ID: 1246]

Industry: Construction
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454007, Chelyabinsk, st. Kurchatova, 19k2, office 306A

+7 (351) 210-58-10, (351) 210-48-10