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The priority activity of our company is comprehensive supplies of cable and wire products and cable support systems from leading manufacturers in Russia and the world, both from stock in our warehouse and to order, in the shortest possible time, at prices that are optimal for you. In addition to the supply of electrical equipment, we carry out the design and production of electrical distribution boards and automation panels (main switchboards, ASU, AVR, NKU boards, ShchR, ShchO, etc.), and also carry out electrical installation work. Our regular customers are already large construction and electrical installation organizations in Moscow and the Moscow region, such as: TSM No. 7 CJSC, SK EnergoStroy LLC, Alstroy CJSC, Geo Alliance LLC, MKS Stroy LLC and others.

Founded: 2014
Registration date: 30.08.2017
Update date: 30.08.2017 [ID: 3911]

Electrical equipment

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Moscow, st. Lyublinskaya, 72

+7 (495) 255-5232

29th international building and interiors trade show