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We can offer you: - Ready-made projects of cottages from 60 m2 in the catalog on our website. The “hobby” of the Invapolis bureau is extremely verified, compact house plans, without extra space, “open” for redevelopment, without internal load-bearing walls. — Adjustment of our ready-made projects to suit your needs. — Individual design of a house and other buildings. — Linking the house to the site, landscape design. — Reconstructions, extensions, superstructures. — Interiors of country houses and apartments. Design is carried out using the method of three-dimensional computer modeling with any accuracy of object detailing. The stylistic motto of the architecture of the Invapolis bureau is: “restrained dignity and purity of lines.”

Founded: 1994
Registration date: 13.01.2017
Update date: 13.01.2017 [ID: 226]

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Moscow, Botanicheskaya, 27

+7 (495) 618-83-28

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