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Intechcom, PKF is a continuously developing company that uses effective management, sales and marketing research technologies in its work, and occupies a leading position in the market of polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and composite materials. We offer our customers only high-quality and certified products! Our customers: state companies, construction, contracting and trade organizations. Our products: - Polyethylene pipes (HDPE) for water supply GOST 18599-2001. - Polyethylene pipes for water supply and sewerage, intended for pipelines transporting water, including for domestic and drinking water supply in accordance with GOST 18599-2001. - Polyethylene pipes (HDPE) for gas supply GOST R 50838-2009. - Gas polyethylene pipes GOST R 50838-2009 are intended for the creation of pressure pipelines in the industrial, municipal and private sectors, transporting gaseous fuels that do not contain aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, with temperatures up to 40°C.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 22.04.2015
Update date: 14.04.2016 [ID: 1203]

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Moscow, Vrachebny proezd, building 10

+7 (495) 166-8638


29th international building and interiors trade show