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Even the most popular construction organizations are not always able to afford to have their own fleet of specialized equipment. Purchasing special equipment is an expensive pleasure and often does not pay off, because... It is not used all the time; moreover, the variety of construction works does not allow all necessary purchases to be provided for in advance. A more profitable and convenient solution to the problem is increasingly the rental of specialized equipment from companies that directly provide such a service. Today, the Grifon company, known as a reliable equipment supplier and cargo carrier, is ready to provide rental services for special equipment in Rostov on favorable terms. Renting special equipment in itself allows you to solve many construction problems. The main benefit of the service is that equipment is rented only for a limited time, during which the equipment supplier company itself is responsible for all technical issues.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 01.06.2016
Update date: 01.06.2016 [ID: 792]

Equipment and tools

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29th international building and interiors trade show