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The GorKapStroy Company is one of the leaders in the field of design and implementation of large projects for industrial and civil purposes. All stages - from the creation of a preliminary design, planning project and to the development of working documentation, technical and architectural supervision. The main activities of the Company: - performing the functions of a general designer, technical customer and general contractor; - design of transport facilities (roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.); - design of building structures, utility networks and systems, collectors for utilities; - urban planning design of development and planning of districts, microdistricts and individual objects; - design and construction of medical and preventive institutions; - architectural and construction design and construction of residential buildings, public buildings and structures, including interiors; - design of comprehensive landscaping of territories and land plots, including landscaping and flower decoration.

Founded: 2001
Registration date: 17.04.2017
Update date: 17.04.2017 [ID: 756]

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115088, Moscow, 2nd Yuzhnoportovy Ave., 18, building 2

+7 (495) 662-94-93

29th international building and interiors trade show