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Friz has been specializing in contract work since 2003. We offer an integrated approach to construction: from concept development to commissioning of the facility.

A portfolio of successfully completed contracts allows us to accumulate knowledge and experience in implementing a wide variety of projects in the field of construction.

We carry out the following types of contracting work: general contracting in construction; excavation; installation of internal and external engineering networks; installation of monolithic structures; installation of metal structures; installation of facades; landscaping; reconstruction of buildings; major renovation of buildings; performing the functions of a technical customer; complex construction from obtaining IRD to commissioning of the facility.

Founded: 2003
Registration date: 28.10.2017
Update date: 21.02.2024 [ID: 3639]

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Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 9as5

+7 (495) 118-2014


29th international building and interiors trade show