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ElectroKomplekt has been selling power cables and electrical installations since 1995. We sell the following types of products from stock and to order: - copper power cable VVGng LS; - copper power cable KG, VBBShV; - aluminum power cable AVBbShv, AVVG; - copper wire PUNP, PV-1, PV-3, PVS; - current transformers, power transformers; - fluorescent, spot, street lamps.

Founded: 1995
Registration date: 10.10.2005
Update date: 25.09.2016 [ID: 3870]

Electrical equipment

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109428, Moscow, 2nd Vyazovsky proezd, 10

+7 (495) 725-27-71, (495) 725-26-38

29th international building and interiors trade show