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For more than 17 years, the Best House company has been building low-rise houses, cottages and bathhouses at affordable prices. The result of many years of work has been significant accumulated experience and knowledge in the industry, customer trust and a reliable reputation. Our company specialists will develop and implement a project of any complexity, taking into account the requirements of our customers. We strictly comply with the construction deadlines that are specified in the contract, and we also provide a guarantee for all built houses and bathhouses, so that you can be sure that the object was built efficiently and reliably! Cost of construction: 1. Houses and baths from timber of our own production: Our own production allows us to offer our clients the best building material: - Siberian cedar - from 12,000 rubles. per cubic meter. - Baikal larch - from 13,000 rubles. per cubic meter. - Angarsk pine or spruce - from 6,500 rubles. per cubic meter. 2. Prefabricated and frame houses and baths: (own production of SIP and SML sandwich panels) - from 5900 rubles per sq. m. meter.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 13.10.2017
Update date: 13.10.2017 [ID: 1592]

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Moscow, st. Andropov Avenue, 33, bldg. 1, office 323

+7 (495) 766-4716

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