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The Decorus Company produces exclusive facade decor and interior items made of composite materials using fiberglass under the Decorus trademark at its own production, which is located in Russia in the Moscow region. The facade decor of the Decorus collection meets the most stringent requirements of state standards for products of the highest quality, which is confirmed by the availability of relevant certificates, and also has unique properties compared to traditional materials. In addition to production, the Decorus company carries out wholesale and retail sales of stucco decoration made of polyurethane, duropolymer and facade decor from expanded polystyrene, used for decorative finishing of apartments, offices and public premises, as well as for finishing the facades of cottages and country houses. We offer attractive prices and optimal quality. The mission of our company is to create an ideal world in interior and architecture!

Founded: 2015
Registration date: 21.08.2016
Update date: 21.08.2016 [ID: 844]

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141002, Russian Federation, Moscow region, Mytishchi, st. Sharapovskaya, building 1, room 24

+7 (495) 773-47-75

29th international building and interiors trade show