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Construction Company "Good Deeds Master" is a manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacture of log houses for houses, bathhouses, and cottages. Price and quality are the main advantages of IC “Good Deeds “Master”. We have our own production base, so we offer a lower price for logs than intermediary companies. Carrying out a full production cycle from harvesting winter wood for a log house or bathhouse on our plots, to installation on your site, we guarantee the high quality of materials and work performed. Our production base is located in the north of the Vologda region, in the village of Syamzha. The wood we use is environmentally friendly winter timber of coniferous trees, grown far from big cities and has not absorbed the soot of factories. The company employs only experienced carpenters with more than ten years of experience. The company has been installing log frames in wooden house construction. Therefore, the log houses manufactured and installed by the Construction Company “Dobroye Delo Master” differ from many competitors.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 28.02.2016
Update date: 30.09.2017 [ID: 3068]

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Vologda, st. Pskovskaya, 4A

+7 (963) 353-95-19

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