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By contacting our consultants, you can purchase a convenient, practical and reliable tool that can significantly facilitate and speed up the work of a tiler. The Corte catalog presents electric and manual tile cutters from leading Spanish and Italian manufacturers (Rubi, Battipav), as well as construction mixers, plastering and finishing tools, personal protective equipment, consumables and other related products. Thanks to continuous training and extensive experience, our specialists will select the most suitable tool to solve your problems. They can also perform equipment setup, warranty and post-warranty service at the company’s service center. Corte employees regularly take part in international specialized exhibitions and seminars, which allows our company to remain among the industry leaders. You can obtain more detailed information about the range of products and the procedure for purchasing them by contacting our managers.

Founded: 2016
Registration date: 17.05.2016
Update date: 17.05.2016 [ID: 1432]

Equipment and tools

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St. Petersburg, Komsomol str., 1 building 3

+7 8-812-775-05-21

29th international building and interiors trade show