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Cleaning company "Chisty Terem" provides a wide range of professional cleaning services for residential and commercial real estate (country houses, apartments, townhouses, office, warehouse, industrial, retail and entertainment premises and adjacent areas): - General cleaning. - Maintenance weekly cleaning. - Regular cleaning of organizations (commercial real estate) on a contract basis. - Cleaning after construction and renovation. - Deep Eco Cleaning. - Preparing real estate for sale or rent. - Washing windows, shop windows, loggias, balconies. - Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture. - Washing of facades. Qualified employees of the Chisty Terem company will ensure cleanliness and order in the premises, delicate care of finishing materials and floor coverings, which will significantly extend their service life.

Founded: 2013
Registration date: 23.10.2015
Update date: 23.10.2015 [ID: 1342]

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127206, Moscow, st. Astradamskaya, 15

+7 (495) 135 01 99

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