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Are you planning a high-quality and modern FINISHING OF YOUR BATH OR SAUNA and so as not to make a mistake with the contractor? Entrust your task to BLAGOPAR - you will be pleasantly surprised by the price and approach to the client, and you will be extremely satisfied with the level of quality. All work will be completed on time and according to the original estimate, completely turnkey. The BLAGOPAR company has been in the market of interior finishing of baths and saunas for more than 15 years! A network of 18 branded stores in Moscow and the Moscow region. Why we are the best today: - Prices for our services are lower than market prices due to the large turnover. - Detailed and transparent estimate, easy to understand and fixed until the end of the project. - Highly qualified craftsmen who constantly improve their skills and knowledge base at the expense of the company. - Impeccable workmanship with special attention to fire safety of the premises. - Our own production of lumber, thanks to which we provide attractive prices.

Founded: 2002
Registration date: 17.02.2018
Update date: 17.02.2018 [ID: 378]

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Moscow, Moskovsky village, Kyiv highway, 22nd km, building 4, building 2, floor 8

+7 (495) 790-97-75

29th international building and interiors trade show