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The main benefit obtained from the use of such buildings as a summer cottage or a construction site is the cost. The cost of furnishing such a structure is several times higher than the cost of constructing a permanent building. Among other things, this is a mobile structure, you can always use IT in another place. We will fulfill your wishes. By contacting us, the company LLC Bytovkin, you are guaranteed to receive a mobile building made with the use of high-quality materials and the most advanced technologies. Our managers will help you choose an option for fulfilling your order that meets all your needs.

Founded: 2004
Registration date: 10.12.2017
Update date: 10.12.2017 [ID: 427]

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Moscow, Vysokovoltny proezd, building 1, building 21

+7 (495) 780-61-60

29th international building and interiors trade show