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Avant is a manufacturer and supplier of welding equipment. Our range includes all welding equipment that may require welding (gas welding, electric welding, semi-automatic welding, automatic welding, contact welding). We supply oscillators, welding machines - welding transformers, TDMs, VD welding rectifiers. Welding equipment in assortment: cylinders, tanks, valves, generators, cutters, torches, gas welding stations and kits, welding pencil, carts, reducers, regulators, hoses, welding machines (ASSh, Orbita, Gugark), welding transformers, rectifiers, semi-automatic devices, electrodes MR, UONI, OZL, TsL, welding wire SV-08, SV-08G2S, inverters, argon arc welding, resistance welding, air plasma cutting, all protective equipment: shields, masks, goggles, electrode holder (holder), leggings and suits welder's sawn timber, tarpaulin, other special clothing. In addition, all tools and accessories for welding. For example, pipe clamps, welding, flat; welding mirrors; anti-stick spray, liquid and paste; cutting wheels and grinding machines.

Founded: 1995
Registration date: 30.03.2008
Update date: 23.09.2023 [ID: 8]

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Moscow, st. Entuziastov 2-Ya, bldg. 5

+7 (495) 150-80-08

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