AUTOgraph Instrumental Solutions

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AUTOgraph Instrumental Solutions is engaged in comprehensive equipment of industrial enterprises: from the selection of tools and equipment for metal-cutting milling and turning machines, to storage systems. The company's product range includes: milling tools, turning tools, tools for hole making and threading, measuring tools, plumbing tools and storage systems, machine tool equipment.

The company produces tools and accessories under its own brand DEBEVER MACHINING SOLUTION, and officially represents the famous tool brands HPMT, MAQ AB, PROJAHN, JONGEN, HAZET, SUMITOMO, OSG, PRECITOOL, CORUN, KENNAMETAL on the Russian market. Based on the vast experience of specialists and focusing on customer needs, AUTOgraph Tool Solutions carries out a professional selection of tools and equipment for each specific production, optimizes production costs and completes new enterprises from scratch.

Year of foundation: 1994
Catalog registration date: 10.07.2022
Update date: 24.09.2023 [ID: 18]

St. Petersburg, st. Zausadnaya, 15, building 5

8 (812) 640-39-96