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Providing modern and high-quality building materials (plasterboard, dry mixes, laminate, porcelain tiles, insulation) to construction and trade organizations, as well as various construction projects, is the main activity of our company. We cooperate with many construction companies, shops and other trade organizations in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as other regions of Russia. Thanks to long-term and close cooperation with manufacturers and various forms of payment for supplies, we can offer high-quality goods at prices that are an order of magnitude lower than market prices.

Founded: 2006
Registration date: 20.01.2008
Update date: 07.05.2017 [ID: 236]

Concrete, brick, industrial mineral, etc.

Decoration Materials

Price list not posted.
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Moscow, st. Teply Stan, 14/2

+7 (495) 989-77-28

29th international building and interiors trade show