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Company As Group Waterproofing is the official representative of the most authoritative and respected enterprises specializing in the production of building mixtures: roofing, waterproofing, and many others. You can buy them from us at 10-25% cheaper than on the free market. However, our activities are not limited to the supply of waterproofing; an additional area of activity is the comprehensive supply of construction sites with high-quality materials. Our catalog contains mixtures, mastics, and sealants of the latest generation of domestic enterprises. We have been supplying buildings with construction materials since 2012, consistently providing customers with the best products at competitive prices.

Founded: 2012
Registration date: 30.03.2017
Update date: 30.03.2017 [ID: 249]

Roofing, insulation and wall materials

Chemicals for construction

Price list not posted.
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Moscow, st. 1812 Goda, no. 2

+7 (495) 150-1917

29th international building and interiors trade show