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Production and sale of composite (fiberglass) reinforcement. Created by a team of professionals. Each of our team has achieved success in their business. And we transferred our experience, attitude to business, ability to find solutions in difficult situations to the production of building materials from plastic, composite, chemical fiber. Working with our enterprise and communicating with our employees, you will receive high-quality products, advice from professionals, aware of the current trends in the building materials market. Designed for reinforcing various concrete and reinforced concrete structures, namely foundations, foundation slabs. Composite reinforcement makes it possible to build stronger buildings and structures and has undeniable physical and mechanical advantages.

Founded: 2013
Registration date: 11.03.2016
Update date: 11.03.2016 [ID: 203]

Metal structures and metal products

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Dmitrov, Zheleznodorozhny lane, 3

+7 (495) 104-26-74

29th international building and interiors trade show