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Supply of electrical and cabling products for automation, telecommunications, data transmission, control and fire alarm systems. In the field of security and fire alarms, we offer a wide range of cable products from domestic manufacturers, such as fire-resistant cables KPSng-frls, KPSEng-frls, KPKVng-frls, KPKEVng-frls, KSRVng-frls, KSREVng-frls, KPSVng-frls, KPSEVng-frls , KOPSmVVng-frls FE180, KOPSmVEVng-frls FE180, KPSVV, KPSVEV .... and their modifications. As analogues, we can offer cables from foreign manufacturers such as JE-H(St)H FE180, JE-H(St)H FE180 PH90, JE-H(St)H FE180 PH120, JE-H(St)H FE180 E30- E90 PH120, LIHH FE180, LIHCH FE180, LIHCH-TP FE180, LIH(St)H-TP FE180 and their modifications (including armored ones). 2) in the field of industrial automation we can offer cables for data transmission of industrial protocols RS485 KIPEV, KIPEP, KIPEVng-LS, KIPEVBV, KIPEVBVng-LS, KIPvEV, KIPvEP, KIPvEVng-LS, KIPvEVKVng-LS, KIPvEVBVng-LS, LI2Y/St/CY , LI2Y(St)CH, LI02Y/St/CY, including in fire-resistant version these are KSBng-FRLS, KSBng-FRHF, KSBGng-FRLS, KSBGng-FRHF, KSBSng-FRLS, KSBSng-FRHF, etc.; ProfiBus-DP cable is KPpEV, KPpEP, KPpEU, KGPpEV, KGPpEP, KGPpEU, ProfiBus L2. 3) power cables VVG, VVGng, VVGng-LS, VBBShv, AKVVG, KVVG, KVVGng, KVVGng-LS, KVVGE, KVVGEng, KVVGng-LS, etc.... and much more, including fire-resistant versions VVGng- FRLS, KVVGng-FRLS, KVVGEng-FRLS, KVng-FRLS, KPng-FRLS, KRng-FRLS, NHXH FE180, N2XH-FE180 E30-E90, N2XCH FE180 E30-E90, etc. For hospitals, schools and other residential complexes with large crowds of people, we supply cables with reduced emissions of toxic gases in accordance with GOST 53315-2009 with the LSLTx index. 4) control and instrument cables such as LIYY, LIYCY, LIHH, LIHCH, LIYY-TP, LIYCY-TP, LIHH-TP, LIHCH-TP, LIY(St)Y, LIH(St)H, RE-Y(St )Y, etc. and their various modifications (including armored ones).

Founded: 2006
Registration date: 13.02.2015
Update date: 01.04.2016 [ID: 156]

Electrical equipment

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Moscow, st. Suvorovskaya, 6

+7 (499) 704-1656

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