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Altai Thermal Insulation Company (ATK) is a specialized supplier of materials for technical and construction thermal insulation. Engineering equipment.

ATK LLC presents on the market the entire range of materials for professional technical thermal insulation of industrial and domestic pipelines and technological equipment: heating networks, hot and cold water supply pipelines, boiler and furnace equipment, refrigeration systems, ventilation, air conditioning, high-temperature and low-temperature pipelines and systems. Materials for thermal insulation of pipelines: foamed polyethylene and rubber, cylinders of basalt wool, polyurethane foam shells, pierced mats, galvanized, PCT fiberglass. Rockwool, Energoflex, Thermaflex, K-FLEX, Armaflex, Teplorok, Corundum.

Founded: 1999
Registration date: 05.10.2011
Update date: 24.09.2023 [ID: 119]

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Barnaul, st. Malakhova, 164

+7 (3852) 60-77-60


29th international building and interiors trade show