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AlpStroyKom LLC is a team of experienced specialists in the field of industrial mountaineering. We carry out a full range of construction and finishing, repair, electrical installation, cleaning and auxiliary work at heights. At your service are professional climbers specializing in a variety of areas of construction and maintenance of building structures. All types of high-altitude work The company's specialists are fluent in industrial mountaineering techniques, which allows them to carry out various activities at any height. We equally successfully work on residential buildings (including apartment buildings), office and industrial facilities. Our climbers carry out both one-time orders and maintenance on an ongoing basis. We enter into contracts with commercial, government organizations and individuals.

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 30.03.2018
Update date: 18.02.2024 [ID: 133]

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Moscow, Ryazansky Prospekt, 10, building 2, room. VI, room 12

+7 (495) 997-07-67


29th international building and interiors trade show