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Aqua-tek SP LLC is part of the Aqua-tek Group of companies and is the official representative of: 1. The French company LACROIX Sofrel in the Russian Federation and the CIS. LACROIX Sofrel is a French brand, a leader in the field of telemetry and SCADA in water supply and wastewater networks. We carry out: - supply of ultrasonic wastewater flow meter LT-US; - design of a metering unit; - installation of a flow meter; - programming and construction of the flow characteristic according to the customer’s initial data, in this case the flow meter is sent programmed; - commissioning (programming and configuration); - support (technical support); - verification of the flow meter; - access to the cloud service VoStok.WEB. 2. The English company C.Scope International Ltd on the territory of the Russian Federation. C.Scope International Ltd is a global brand for the production of locating equipment (route finders, metal detectors, etc.). The equipment is designed to search for underground pipelines and cable networks. We supply locators (locators and signal generators CXL4, CXL4-D, CXL4-DBG, DXL4-D, DXL4-DBG, MXL4-D, MXL4-DBG, SGV4 and MXT4), as well as the CS880 metal detector.

Year of foundation: 2015
Catalog registration date: 15.08.2019
Update date: 15.08.2019 [ID: 85]

Ekaterinburg, st. Repina 52 office 3.4

8 (343) 373 74 14