Alexandrovskaya Roofing Manufactory

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The AKM company provides services for longitudinal and transverse cutting of rolled and sheet steel (copper, zinc, aluminum). Perforation of holes of various configurations, production of profiles according to customer drawings, accessories for roofing and facades, caps for pipes, flashings. Purlins Z, C and omega-shaped, fastening profile. Production of seam roofing from steel up to 0.7 mm thick. It supplies metal tiles, corrugated sheets, and gutters from Russian and Finnish manufacturers.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 03.03.2011
Update date: 14.02.2017 [ID: 111]

Roofing, insulation and wall materials

Metal structures and metal products

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195197, St. Petersburg, Mineralnaya st., 13, letter Sh

+7 (812) 438-56-34

29th international building and interiors trade show