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PKF ADL Group LLC specializes in wholesale and small wholesale supplies of tool alloy and stainless steels. We offer Circles, Sheets, Hexagons, Squares, Strips, Pipes of such steel grades as: 09Х16Н4Б, 07Х16Н6, 95Х18, 12Х13, 12Х1МФ,12Х18Н10Т, 12Х2Н4А, 12ХН3А, 12Х2НВВА, 60С2A, 14Х17Н 2, 15X25T, 15X5M, 15X1M1F, 18X2H4A, 18X2H4MA, 20X13.5ХHM, 20Х1М1Ф1ТР, 20Х23Н18, 20Х2Н4А, 20ХН3А, 25Х1МФ, 25X13H2, 25Х2М1Ф, 30Х13, 30ХГСА, 30ХМА,34ХH1M,38ХС, 38Х2МУА, 38XH3 MFA, 3Х3МЗФ,3Х2В8Ф, 40Х13, 40ХН,40ХН2МА, 5ХНМ, 5ХВ2С, 5ХНМ, 6ХВ2С, Х12М, Х12МФ, Х12Ф1, ШХ15 and others. We also provide special equipment for rent (Manipulators, etc.).

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 26.06.2016
Update date: 26.06.2016 [ID: 66]

Metal structures and metal products

Price list not posted.
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Ekaterinburg, st. Kuznechnaya, 91, office. 43

+7 (343) 247-8505

29th international building and interiors trade show