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Production of wooden log houses, baths and gazebos of any size and complexity. Production of foundations of any type (strip foundations, monoliths, etc.). Construction of wooden houses and baths based on hand-cut logs. Finishing of a cottage, house and bathhouse. Design of wooden houses. Design of wooden houses, bathhouses and gazebos. Sale of log houses and baths. Masonry of stoves and fireplaces of any complexity. Production and sale of lumber of non-standard sizes. Roofing work for any type of roof. Sale of building materials.

Founded: 1998
Registration date: 10.03.2011
Update date: 10.03.2011 [ID: 938]

Price list not posted.
Logo Drewstroy

432045, Ulyanovsk, Promyshlennaya st., 2a, office 311

+7 (9510) 99 25 22

29th international building and interiors trade show