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AkvaMir LLC: offers various options for the construction and reconstruction of swimming pools; a full range of services for designing swimming pools, supplying them, servicing swimming pools and bathtubs of any size and complexity, including ventilation and heating work; conducts personnel training on the operation of swimming pool equipment; has its own production of pools made of sheet polypropylene and automatic louvered covers for pools; offers direct supplies of hydromassage pools from USSPA. AkvaMir LLC has been operating in the engineering communications market for more than 9 years and has extensive experience in installation, adjustment and maintenance of engineering technologies, residential, civil and industrial facilities.

Founded: 1997
Registration date: 19.05.2007
Update date: 19.05.2007 [ID: 89]

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Russia, Moscow, Nemansky proezd, building 18

+7 (495) 7295614, 7294204

29th international building and interiors trade show