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Our company is engaged in the production of low-voltage (MSB, ASU, ShR, ShchR) and high-voltage equipment (KTP, BKTP, KSO, KRU) under the brand "DIANEXIM", the sale of electrical products of domestic and foreign (ABB, Schneider Electric, Legrand, DEKraft, Wago , IEK, etc.) manufacturers and their spare parts. We work directly with all Russian factories on cable and wire products for a wide range of applications. We also supply transformers and transformer substations.

Founded: 2009
Registration date: 10.08.2014
Update date: 10.08.2014 [ID: 855]

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105318, Moscow, st. Ibragimova, 31, bldg. 47

+7 (495) 663-95-97, 663-95-98

29th international building and interiors trade show