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The main direction is related to the maintenance of industrial facilities and the provision of services for lifting, earth-moving, and other special equipment for rent. We provide the following construction equipment for rent: 1) Truck cranes for rent with lifting heights from 16, 18, 22 to 28, 30, 50 meters 2) Truck cranes for rent with lifting capacity from 14 tons to 25, 32 tons 3) Manipulator with registration in RosTechNadzor with a boom length of 18.6 meters, a boom capacity of 7 tons and a side load capacity of 12 tons 4) other special equipment is also available.

Founded: 2004
Registration date: 21.02.2015
Update date: 21.02.2015 [ID: 842]

Industry: Construction
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St. Petersburg, Chudnovskogo 19

+7 (812) 924-60-58