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Installation company "Voda Group" installs and maintains all utilities. Turnkey installation of water supply from drilling water wells, introducing water supply and sewerage pipes into the house and laying communications throughout the house. Installation of water supply begins with drilling water. This is followed by well construction, delivery and production of metal caissons of any size, installation of the caisson on the well and welding. Connection of a deep-well pump and pump automation. Installation of water supply in a caisson with access to summer irrigation. Replacing a well pump, dismantling a burnt-out submersible pump and installing it back. Replacing the water supply expansion tank (hydraulic accumulator), replacing the pressure switch, cleaning the well. Installation of water supply and sewerage throughout the house, winter wiring and summer wiring of water supply with installation of plumbing. Installation of heating systems of any complexity. Installation and installation of boilers and boiler equipment. Call a plumber and do all plumbing work.

Founded: 2011
Registration date: 15.02.2017
Update date: 15.02.2017 [ID: 553]

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