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Construction company "Vertical" offers services for the construction of private houses, cottages, garages, warehouses, production workshops, administrative, office and commercial buildings. We carry out all turnkey work from design to finishing. We work with individuals and legal entities, there is SRO and VAT. We carry out complex construction or individual types of work: foundations, wall laying, roofing, installation of communications, interior decoration, facade work, installation of windows and balconies, installation of fences. We build efficiently, reliably and on time.

Founded: 2018
Registration date: 24.10.2020
Update date: 24.10.2020 [ID: 484]

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Yaroslavl, st. Polushkina Roshcha, 9B, office 321

+7 (4852) 33-21-61

29th international building and interiors trade show