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The Tsar-Windows Company produces wooden Euro-windows from Siberian larch, oak and pine. To make windows, we use Elite grade wood, precision woodworking complexes, breathable elastic varnishes and paints (Sikkens), Roto Nt fittings and any types of glass - i-glass, k-glass, tinted glass, triplex, energy-saving, etc. . The warranty on wooden windows is 5 years. The company sells its products in Moscow and the region, Voronezh and Tver.

Founded: 2004
Registration date: 22.07.2013
Update date: 22.07.2013 [ID: 3673]

Windows, doors, glass, etc.

Price list not posted.
Logo Tsar-Windows

Moscow, st. Ordzhonikidze 9a, entrance 9

+7 (495) 633-86-72

29th international building and interiors trade show