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Production, sale and delivery of concrete of all classes, incl. semi-dry and colored concrete, mounting and masonry mortar, CFRP, expanded clay concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, sulfate-resistant concrete, hydraulic concrete, concrete for road surfaces and floors, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, anti-radiation concrete. Factory addresses: BSU Staro-Panovo, Tallinskoe highway, 153, building 1, lit. IN; BSU Beloostrov, Novoe shosse, 47A; BSU Koltushi, st. Kolkhoznaya/Industrialnaya, 1; BSU Murino, Kuzmolovsky village, st. Zavodskaya, 12 (behind the territory of the northern thermal power plant).

Founded: 2014
Registration date: 08.03.2021
Update date: 08.03.2021 [ID: 356]

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St. Petersburg, Tallinskoe highway, 153 bldg. 1, lit. IN

+7 (812) 642-34-98


29th international building and interiors trade show