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TF-Polimerstroy LLC is a dynamically developing company in the building materials market. The main objectives are aimed at expanding the customer base in the interregional market of roofing and thermal insulation materials. The company offers a full range of construction projects. Our organization has the ability to supply roofing, waterproofing, thermal insulation materials, traditional materials for roofing and waterproofing (roofing felt, glass insulation, rubemast, glassine, bitumen, mastic, slate). Direct deliveries from manufacturing plants. Low prices, flexible system of discounts, individual approach to each client, delivery to any region of Russia.

Founded: 1997
Registration date: 10.10.2007
Update date: 10.10.2007 [ID: 3545]

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196601, St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Oktyabrsky Boulevard, 50/30

+7 (961) 8000510


29th international building and interiors trade show