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We are ready to supply more than 12,000 types of products: COPPER POWER CABLE VVG, VVGng, VVG ng LS, NYM, KG, KGhl, VBbShv, KVVGng, VBbShvng, TsSB, PVPU. ALUMINUM CABLE AVVG, AABL, AASHV, ASG, ASB, APVV, APVT SPECIAL CABLE KSPV, UTP, FTP, 3C-2V, RG 59, RG 6, SAT50 N, SAT703 Q, RG 11 S. ON-BOARD CABLE BIFE, BIFEz, BIFezn WIRE PUNP, PVS, ShVVP, APV, APBPP, PV-1, PV-3, SHTLP, APUNP. Heat-shrinkable cable couplings, epoxy, lead.

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 06.10.2007
Update date: 06.10.2007 [ID: 3427]

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Moscow, Yantarny proezd, 27

+7 (495) 7846459, 7404264, 1840209

29th international building and interiors trade show