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Terrikon LLC offers deliveries of concrete and mortar throughout St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region without weekends. All brands, with any requirements. We provide special equipment for laying and feeding on site (ABN - boom from 12 to 42 m, PUMI boom from 12 to 24 m, conveyor belts - up to 12 m, hydraulic chutes - up to 8 m). We also offer supplies of the entire range of non-metallic bulk materials - crushed stone, sand, expanded clay, ASG, soil, etc. Acceptable conditions and loyal pricing.

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 01.08.2006
Update date: 01.08.2006 [ID: 3411]

Industry: Construction
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St. Petersburg, Nab. Obvodny channel no. 14

+7 (812) 4497342