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We sell softwood lumber: timber 200x200, 200x150, 150x150, 150x100, 100x100. Bar 25x50, 50x50, etc. Edged boards 25x150, 25x100, 50x150, 50x100. Profiled, planed timber (solid) 145x145, 145x120, 195x195, 145x195, profiled radius timber 145x195, 190x190. We will build a wooden house, a bathhouse according to the Customer’s dimensions, from hand-hewn logs, timber 150x150, 200x200. Foundation, finishing of the house.

Founded: 2002
Registration date: 09.08.2007
Update date: 19.12.2007 [ID: 340]

Industry: Construction
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Moscow, st. Skhodnensky deadlock, 4

+7 (495) 5149169