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We carry out work on insulation of houses, hangars, garages, septic tanks, etc. The practical material used is penoizol. This is a new generation of urea thermal insulating foam plastics (foam plastics). Operating temperature range, from -50 to +120 C. We insulate both already built houses (residential) and houses at the construction stage. Penoizol differs from all thermal insulation materials currently existing on the market in its high thermal insulation and sound insulation properties (thermal conductivity coefficient from 0.028-0.037 W/mS, noise absorption - 8-9 dB per 1 sq. dcm), low density (8-25 kg/ m3), non-flammable, resistant to microorganisms, aggressive environments (benzene, acetone, etc.), rodents, very high sound insulation. It is manufactured directly on the construction site, eliminating expensive transport costs. Insulation occurs through a monolithic, seamless pouring of a foam-like mass into the voids of walls and ceilings, where it polymerizes and dries under normal conditions.

Founded: 2000
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