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The Teplo Potok company conducts thermal imaging inspections of the following objects: - apartments, private houses, garages, individual buildings. - facades and roofs of buildings, including before putting the facility into operation. - warehouses. - industrial premises. - administrative premises. - office rooms. - auxiliary (utility) premises. - heating systems, hot water supply, heated floors. - window and door openings. - heating radiators, electrical panels. - chimneys - cold warehouses (refrigerators) During the inspection, all problem areas are identified that cannot be determined by eye, and these can be: - places where the seal is broken during the installation of windows and doors, - defects in the window and door units themselves, - destruction , wetness, lack of thermal insulation on the roof and facade of the building, - destruction of the “chasing” of interpanel seams, - places where the roof is leaking, - places where underfloor heating or heating and hot water supply pipes are leaking, - blockages in heating radiators, which can be identified instantly using a thermal imager, without resorting to dismantling.

Founded: 2009
Registration date: 02.11.2015
Update date: 02.11.2015 [ID: 3334]

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