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TEKNOVIKS Company the official partner of the Finnish company “TEKNOS” opened the first professional center in St. Petersburg for the sale of TEKNOS paints for facades and interiors of wooden and stone houses. The TEKNOVIX center presents the widest possible range of high-quality Finnish wood preservatives, wood paints, and Teknos varnishes. We provide professional advice on the selection and use of materials based on the characteristics of your home. The high professional level of our employees (internship and work in Finland), which distinguishes TEKNOVIX from other sellers, allows us to offer customers not only Teknos materials presented in retail stores, but also professional Teknos materials used for painting in Finnish industrial housing construction and ensuring maximum durability coloring.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 12.05.2013
Update date: 12.05.2013 [ID: 3321]

Chemicals for construction

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St. Petersburg, Vyborg highway 212

+7 (812) 635-70-47

29th international building and interiors trade show