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Stupenka LLC specializes in the manufacture of stairs in Vladimir. The company has been operating in the Vladimir region market for a long time. During this time, wooden stairs were manufactured in Vladimir to order in various modifications. At the same time, the company solves the whole range of work from measurements to subsequent maintenance of finished stairs. Why is making a staircase to order in Vladimir a profitable solution? Wooden stairs made to order are distinguished by individuality and high quality implementation. In this they are significantly superior to commercially produced wooden stairs. Experience shows that serial products in any case require serious modification to suit specific conditions. And it is not always possible to carry out this modification with your own hands at the proper level.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 15.12.2015
Update date: 15.12.2015 [ID: 3250]

Industry: Construction
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Vladimir, st. Meshcherskaya, 9

+7 920 920-1-001