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The BEZSKOLOV company is a manufacturing enterprise from St. Petersburg, specially created for the production of sets and sets of furniture parts, as well as individual elements of cabinet furniture from laminated chipboard. Automation of the process of receiving and calculating orders makes it possible to simplify and make more efficient communication between company employees and customers throughout Russia, significantly reduce the time for calculating the cost of an order, make timely changes and adjustments, and also helps reduce the risk of errors when executing an order. The main difference between the company and enterprises of a similar profile is the daily implementation of a set of measures aimed at meeting the needs of a wide range of clients. The result of this painstaking work is that the company’s activities organically fit into the production chain of both a private furniture maker and a furniture enterprise, both a furniture showroom and a home craftsman.

Founded: 2003
Registration date: 04.11.2015
Update date: 04.11.2015 [ID: 318]

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St. Petersburg, st. Sofiyskaya, 54

+7 (812) 449-88-18

29th international building and interiors trade show