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The company "Stoymontazh" LLC was founded in 2008. The main activity of the company is construction, repair, finishing of buildings, apartments, houses. Thanks to direct cooperation with manufacturers, we provide our customers with the most favorable conditions. Stroymontazh LLC has established itself as a reliable partner in the Kemerovo region. The quality of the work performed was appreciated by many of our clients. Our company strives for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with its partners; we are always ready to participate in promising and mutually beneficial projects and tenders.

Founded: 2008
Registration date: 07.09.2013
Update date: 07.09.2013 [ID: 3165]

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Logo Stroymontazh

Kemerovo st. Tereshkova, 20

+7 (923) 5102709

29th international building and interiors trade show