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SpetsStroySoyuz LLC is the official dealer of the manufacturer of milled steel fiber JSC Kurganstalmost using Vulkan Harex technology. Milled steel fiber, unlike wire, stamped, etc., mixes well in the concrete mass, without forming cohesive “lumps”, and adheres well to concrete. The use of milled fiber as a filler gives steel fiber reinforced concrete increased load-bearing capacity, reduced cracking, increased resistance to impact loads, wear resistance, and greater economic benefits compared to traditional reinforcement with reinforcement. It is used for the production of concrete industrial floors, roads, and bank vaults. Price - 32.5 rubles. per kg. from a warehouse in Moscow, consumption 30-40 kg/m3 of concrete.

Founded: 1991
Registration date: 16.02.2007
Update date: 16.02.2007 [ID: 2951]

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Moscow, st. Profsoyuznaya, 93a

+7 (495) 7859453, (915) 4724364

29th international building and interiors trade show