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The Northern Architect company was founded in 2005 in the city of Pestovo. The main profile is the construction of turnkey houses and bathhouses from timber. We gathered experienced Russian carpenters under our banner and created our own production (profiled timber, boards, lining, etc.). Until 2010, we built in the economy class segment mainly in the Novgorod, Tver and Vologda regions. Thanks to established connections and partnerships, we have expanded our product range and construction geography. Now we build not only bathhouses and houses, but also garden and country gazebos, summer kitchens, sheds, outbuildings and much more. We work from Petrozavodsk to Voronezh. Profiled timber is an economical, reliable and practical material for the construction of an economy or comfort class country house. We guarantee quality, durability and comfortable living in our homes!

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 11.01.2015
Update date: 11.01.2015 [ID: 2699]

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Novgorod region, Pestovo, st. Borovichskaya 92

+7 (921) 690-9899

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