Northern Territories

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Supplier of high-quality products of the "ROYALTM" brand to Russia and the Ural-Siberian region: special noise-protective acoustic screens (structures), universal telecommunication containers, fences and pergolas (new), roof water drainage system (new), the latest siding imitating a wooden frame Houses. Low-rise facilities using a modern, patented prefabricated construction system: gas stations, service stations, transformer stations, car washes, warehouses, refrigerators, terminals, houses from 20 sq.m. for sports centers, ski resorts, training and assembly points, country campsites, country houses, hunting, gardens and guest houses, garages, gazebos, street terminals for REMPs and housing departments, etc. Roadside infrastructure (CAFE, traffic police posts, rescue points of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc.). We invite architectural, design and construction organizations to cooperate.

Founded: 2001
Registration date: 10.06.2007
Update date: 10.06.2007 [ID: 2696]

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Ekaterinburg, Lenin Ave. 5/3

+7 (343) 2137214


29th international building and interiors trade show