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The company provides a full range of services for the construction, installation and reconstruction of residential buildings, buildings, structures, foundations: from brick and monolithic construction to finishing works and interior design. Since 2000, the RosStroy company was one of the first in low-rise construction to master a new and promising technology for the Russian market for constructing houses from aerated concrete blocks. The company has Licenses for construction work, the professionalism of the company's engineering and technical personnel is confirmed by the State Qualification Certificate for carrying out professional activities in the field of construction.

Founded: 1996
Registration date: 30.08.2007
Update date: 30.08.2007 [ID: 2517]

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Logo RosStroy

193130, St. Petersburg, 5th Sovetskaya st., 6

+7 (812) 5799986

29th international building and interiors trade show